1. A man whom’s eyes can store both past and future. It means that he can see past and future.

2. Azat – a gay entertainer.

3. Hanad – a sorcerer that sucks out the magic out of peoples’ spirits. His goal is to become stronger, no matter the cost. He is also one of Avskog’s leaders.

4. Elna – a woman with a tattoo on her neck. An eagle.

5. Andulur – a half elv. Mother human, father elv.

6. Devnath – a shapeshifter. Can take apoearance of those that he has seen.

7. Randall – a man playing cards

8. Mal’dar -a man with a legg and that likes holiday songs

9. Ban’nam – a beautiful blind woman

10. Ezakh – smuggler of weapon and slave dealer


Author: Aleexii

I'm the creator and editor blogger at http://keepongeekin.wordpress.com. I can also be found at @GeekeenBoy on Twitter and my own personal Twitter account @AlexiCornita.

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