The amazing view of the landscape took a grip on him. Grass and high hills as far as the eyes could see and the mountains at the horizont. The hills were in front of him, backwards and sidewise. He had to do some serious climbing. The others probably felt the same, it was stunning to be on top of a hill and take a look around. Grass and stones so far the eyes could see.

Rumir found it a but hard to climg all those hills with the shield on his back. He panted each step, like if he needed “something” to make it easier for him. Leaving the shield behind was no option for the ranger, he had been through battles and ambushes, a shield would alwasy – sooner or later – come at hands.

It was that time, the time when they would eat. Rumir had beans, which could easily be cooked with boiled water. Nimbo had some dryed bacon left from the provisions of his home. The beans and the meat would easily beat a lot of other food, specially now when they had the urge to eat. The hunger was big.

The mage would eat, as this was the third day without any meal for him. Each third day he would eat a meal. He had no food with him, but he could still perform miracles with the help of the boy, the one he had bought from the slave merchants. The magic was present, not strong as it should – for him to reach his potential – but still enough to grant him wonders.

They stopped on at the top of one of the bug hills and cut down some branshes to make a fire with and cook the meal. There was a big stash of beans, as it wasn’t going to become bad, no matter how many months, or even years, it would take for the party to consume it. It was perfect for adventures and the stash would last, at least, a couple of weeks. At times, they would hunt down animals that they came across and cook them for their meat. Nemeja would save the fur and sew it into covers and cloathings, for the colder days and nights that would come. She had by now almost made a cover, just a pair of rabbits or a fox left and it would be done. In times like those, when they all waited for the food to be done, she would sew. Time felt going faster than it did while she did so.


Some notes – DRAFT I


”Infinite is coming”
There is a prophecy about a character named ”Infinite”. He would return at the end of the ages. Nobody knows if he’s on the mankind’s side or the jinnkind’s side. The prophecies regarding him are to be found in the White Tower.

(Further info: )
They can handle both swords and bows. The Centaurs of the Marmar(a forrest in Goth) are dealing with some of the elves – they sell the elves weapons and train them in combat with weapons. The myth tells that they came to be when the Zvezda, the ethernal mother – was maculated by the ethernal father – Zanzan. From that relationship, the centaurs came ino being.

Wahl is a continent on the planet, where erchants are going to get the finest textills and spices. Slves are brought from there, bhought from the people of Dardar – a people that rules the continent but have never set foot on a ship thus never crossed the great sea.

Zathura is an elvish holiday that all tribes of alves celebrates, even if the date may vary. They celebrate the pure moonlight in which the alves are said to be formed and praise their godess. They light up fires and dance around it.
The male alves drink ale and wine during the celebration. The children sing for the tribe members. At least in some tribes, it’s being celebrated as such. Even these details may vary, depending on the tribes.

Slavery is not allowed in two kingdoms. It’s allowed in the other two. Elves and centurions use no slaves.


(Some notes about Rumat:

More fiction about these characters:


At last, they saw the elves. Their group was already there and they were all tied up. The creatures of the woods stood in a circle around the Rumatans of Ambar.

When the elves saw the champions coming, they already knew that they were the champions. Somebody COULD have told them that. They were expected. When the elv tribe leader saw that one of them was an alv, he was surprised. So were the others as well.
“What happened to you?”, Ambar’s leader asked him.
“It was crazy.”, Bram responded.
“Are you goin to set them free?” Pulp asked. “We, the champions, are here now.”
“Yes” the elv leader said. “Untie our guests!” he shouted to his troops. “I am glad to see that one of you is one of ours.”
“A great and humble honor, that is, sir” Pulp told him.
“Now let’s go further into the woods. You’ll get to see our settlements.”
“How did you became an elf?”, Dror asked.
“It’s a long story.”
“Perhaps not so long” Bram intrigued.
“Tell me everything.”
“So we ran through the woods and met a bear.”
“A bear? That is strange.”
“Why so?”
“There should be no bears into these woods. Neither wolves. But come on, carry on…”
“So we ran from the beast and ended up in a cave. A voice coming from a fire spake. There was gold, tons of it, but we’d end up without our souls if we so took one coin. So instead, we were given the chance to find a cup and wish three wishes. I wished to become one of the immortals, and so I’ve got turned into and elv. Bram choosed a backpack with no bottom and that was light to carry and he got the backpack. We still got one wish left.”
“It sounds like a tale to my ears… That kind of stuff that happens in legends and myths. Yet Pulp is a living proof that your tale is indeed real.”

The dark was slowly turning into dawn. As they approched the settlement, there were big fires spotted from a distance inbetween the vegetation.


Build on height. Impressive towers, made out of rocks. It has a main gate, to the South, and is built within the mountains in the North.
Not as big as The City of Inifinity, yet it houses a couple of thousand(s)of people.

The citadel in the middle of the towers is the main building of the city. In there, people are schooled into the art of magic. The city is outside of any kingdoms juristiction, and lives by its own rules and laws. No king’s hand can claim it, thus making magic legal, according to its own set of rules.

No towers, built on wide space. Walls sourounds it. The houses are all red because of the bricks made out of the redish mud. There are trees on the streets, and the town is poorer than other, with no stones on the ground, but the ground itself. Yet, the trees and the parks makes it a fine place to settle on. Family friendly, almoust all houses have at least two or three souls living in there.

No walls around it. Roads leading to every direction of the compas goes through the city and outside of it.

The octagonal wonder of the world. The walls are built octagonal around it. The Giants of the Past have put the massive stones in place to shelter the within of the city from the without. Sun’s rays are not seen early in the morning beacuse of the height of the walls, but at noon, it’s all there.

Also built on height with massive towers. Two entrances.

A city with walls around it. Also the home of filofosi.
“They say this world has no rules and no controller.”- kind of teachings. The people living there, or at least a big part of them, are learning the sacred art of wisdom. Kirbir has the kingdoms’ most known filosofers, such as Tamil, Melnon and Plamack.



Celebrates summer with aa big fire on tree. People gather and look at the fire. Same date in all kingdoms.

– All kingdoms celebrate this holiday
– Different dates, depending on when their own king was born

– Celebrated on the day that the kingdom become a kingdom.
– Different dates across the kingdoms


– Sun
– Moon
– Troll
– Alv
– Singer¨
– Bear


Stället var stort. Ruinerna viskade om ett ställe som för tusentals år sedan blommade ut till en civilisation, den civilisation som spred sig senare runt hela Goth och även Wahl. Födelseplatsen för människosläktet.

Ett anfall verkade ha tagit ut sitt rätt på några civila, då de var blodiga och döda. Det luktade rått blod och det var fortfarande varmt.

De såg sig runtomkring när några började närma sig. Gruppen såg dem på avstånd och sökte skydd bland ruinerna. Nimbo fick idéen om att de skulle bada i blodet från marken och ha det på sina kläder så att de verkade döda de med.

Men Rumir upptäckte ett hål i marken som var täckt. De skyndade sig in och kamuflerade det så att de inte skulle bli upptäckta. De kunde vara slav handlare eller tjuvar, det var känt att lösdrivare satte upp läger vid ruiner, då de skyddade mot vind och ibland även mot regn och snö. De kunde ha varit samma män som hade dödat de stackars människorna vars likar låg där bland ruinerna. Nu kunde de ha återvänt.

När dessa okända var bland ruiner, slog de lägger ett par stenblock längre bort från där gruppen hade sitt gömställe.
“Vi väntar tills de sover sen tar vi deras vapen”, sade Rumir.
“Vi kan även binda fast dem så att de inte hinner ikapp oss.” instämde Mirr.

De väntade och mörkret började snart närma sig. De hade varit i gömstället ett par timmar och fick höra skratt från de andra ibland.

När mörkret föll, gick Rumir, Nemeja, Mirr och Nimbo till deras ställe och försiktigt tog vapnen. En av dem vaknade men Rumir tog pekfingret för munnen och den främmande mannen förstod att han skulle hålla tyst, vilket han också gjorde. Sedan väcktes de andra, men det var för sent, deras vapen var borta.
“Vilka är ni?” frågade Nimbo.
“Slav handlare” svarade Rumir medan han läste ur en anteckningsblock som tillhörde dessa. “Här finns namn och priser. Och priserna är inte tillräckligt låga för att det ska vara vardagliga varor, ens insmugglade. Det är slavpriser.” Då pekade han med svärdet mot en av dem: “Tänk om vi skulle sälja er såsom ni gjort med många andra?”
“Förlåt” var allt som mannen som hotats fick ur sig. Och det ordet uttalade han gång på gång.
“Tillräckligt!” sade Nemeja. “Låt oss binda fast dem.”
Mannen som blev tidigare hotad sade
“Tack! Tack för att ni inte dödar oss”, skrämd av hotet från Rumir. En annan av dem protesterade:
“Ni kan inte lämna oss här, tänkt om någon varg skulle äta upp oss?”
“Det räcker. Det finns inga vargar i området”, svarade den röd håriga kvinnan. “Vi har tagit era vapen. Nu binder vi fast er och det får vara. Tänk om vi hade gjort mot er såsom ni har gjort mot de stackars människorna som ligger döda bara flera steg ifrån oss? Hur hade ni tyckt om det?”
De svarade inte. De förnekade inte heller dådet. Rumir kände en stor begäran av att döda en av dem men Mirr lyckades hejda han genom att tänka genom utbygdsjägaren. De delade samma tankar när trollkarlen tyckte att det behövdes.

Männen bands fast vid fötter och händer och lämnade på marken.